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Electrum Stops Collaboration with Gogoro, Introduces Self-Assembled Electric Motor

Release of the electric motorbike product "H5", now only available for driver partners Gojek in Jakarta with a rental system

Electrum (PT Energi Kreasi Bersama), a joint venture of PT TBS Energi Utama Tbk and PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk, officially released its self-assembled electric motorbike called H5, along with supporting technology, such as batteries, Battery Swap Station (BSS), and digital infrastructure.

In the initial stage, the new H5 will be trialled for the GoRide Electric service from Gojek as an extension pilot project GoTo Group electric motorbike. A total of 500 motorbikes and 100 swap stations will be rolled out until the end of this year for Jakarta only. As of today (9/11), Electrum has rolled out dozens of H5 and 40 units swap stations.

During testing, Electrum and Gojek will introduce a rental scheme that offers flexibility according to driver partners' needs, namely between renting one or two batteries. Active driver partner Gojek in the Jakarta area can register for this rental program.

Electrum will validate prospective tenants as proven by the partner's GoPartner application Gojek as well as official identity. If the criteria are met, the partner will be contacted by customer service (CS) to do Test-drive.

At the H5 launch press conference in Jakarta, Electrum CEO Jack Yang said that the company had achieved milestone the first product by launching the H5. This electric motorbike is specifically designed for roads in Indonesia. According to him, Indonesian people have a high interest in sustainable and comfortable mobility solutions.

"Because Electrum riders depend on motorbikes for affordable daily mobility, we designed the H5 with the advantages of high performance in its class, low maintenance costs, equipped with an ergonomic design and comfortable riding. "The H5 is also equipped with high-powered battery technology and reliable and easy-to-recognize BSS," explained Yang.

Electrum Managing Director Patrick Adhiatmadja added that the presence of the H5 marks that Electrum has ended its collaboration with Gogoro, an electric motorbike manufacturer from Taiwan, which has been in place since early 2022.

He also emphasized that there was no investment taking place between Gogoro and Electrum. Entirely limited to buying and selling cooperation which places Electrum as a business consumer for Gogoro.

“The development of [H5] has nothing to do with Gogoro. The products launched are the work of the nation's children, including the digital infrastructure. "Indonesian riders are unique, so they have to design themselves according to their type of rider," he added.

As a note, on August 2022, a subsidiary of the GoTo Group, PT Rekan Anak Bangsa (RAB) released electric motorbike assets, battery equipment and trademarks worth IDR 23,6 billion to Electrum. There are 251 units of the Smartscooter Gogoro 2 Plus electric motorbike and 502 units of electric motorbike battery vehicle equipment which were previously purchased from Gogoro on July 29 2022.

"Actually, the total number of electric motors operated by Electrum is hundreds [of units]."

Patrick also has not confirmed when the company will enter the consumer business at this stage. One of the biggest concerns is availability swap stations (SPBKLU/Public Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Station) can be more evenly distributed and easily accessible.

To overcome this, the company targets to increase the number of points swap stations up to 1.000 points. The strategy is to collaborate with corporations with a wide network, namely Pertamina, Bank Mandiri, Planet Ban, Alfamidi, Indomaret, and Rukita.

"When swap stations not yet widely available, will arise raise anxiety for users. If it's with a partner Gojek, we can predict the polygons of their area anywhere, so it is more controlled."

Advantages of the H5 electric motorbike


Patrick continued, the entire Electrum electric motorbike ecosystem is the work of local designers and engineers, namely Muhammad Rayhan Arifinsyah (Rayhan) and Yuditya Pratamaputra (Yudit) who joined Electrum in 2022.

Rayhan is a designer who graduated from the ITB Industrial Design Department, while Yudit is a mechanical engineer who graduated from ITB Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with 10 years of experience in the field. vehicle research and development.

The two designed the H5 design based on the results of joint commercial trials Gojek, as well as considering all input from partners Gojek. Starting from performance, design and technology, the H5 is designed to suit the daily mobility needs of Indonesian people.

“During the research process, we were assisted by many parties, especially partners Gojek. Because when it comes to motorbikes, we have a unique culture. "So there is a unique perspective because our community's relationship with motorbikes is special," said Rayhan.

More Coverage:

The company compares the advantages of the H5 electric motorbike compared to competitors in the same class, namely:

  • High performance

Fast acceleration: Only 6s can reach speed 0-60 km/h; Top Speed: H5 can be driven up to 90km/h; High motor performance: Rated power of 4kW at 3,000 rpm and torque of 30 Nm at 1,600 rpm; High Power Battery: With just two nickel-based Lithium-Ion batteries it can reach 120 km. Can also be used with just one battery for up to 60 km; High battery capacity: The battery has a capacity of 1,8 kWh per battery which is higher than motorbikes in its class. With a higher battery capacity, the H5 can cover longer distances.

  • Futuristic, ergonomic and comfortable design

Spacious storage space: 25 liter capacity, so you can store one helmet in addition to two batteries, the largest in its class; Charger port: The front pocket is also equipped with two 10W USB chargers to make it easier for people to charge their smartphones during travel; Futuristic design: With its combination of green, blue and metallic, the H5 is very easy to spot on the road.

  • Advanced technology

Keyless start: H5 uses keyless technology to start the motorbike; Application connected: Electrum also provides the ELMA application which contains information about the H5 motorbike, monitors battery condition and provides information on the location of the nearest BSS.

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