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9 Best 3D Home Design Applications, Make Your Own Floor Plans

You don't need to worry about paying expensive architects or using professional quality devices, armed with the Android operating system is enough

Some of us may already have a picture of a dream house, even though we haven't had the opportunity to own it. While waiting for enough savings, maybe making a dream home design design can be an additional motivation.

No need to bother paying expensive architects or using a device with professional quality, armed with the Android operating system is enough. Now, there are scattered home design applications available on the Google Playstore that make it easier for you to design dream home ideas.

Following DailySocial.ID choose the best of them:

Design Home : Real Home Decor

Realize a residential image with famous furniture (Google Play)

Design Home gives users the opportunity to express their dream home ideas creatively and in a fun way. Users are given the option to set the decor, furniture, wallpaper, and residential layout.

Armed with 3D visuals, the access provided makes your designs look more real. Users can even be given the feature to choose famous furniture such as Benjamin Moore, West Elm, Pottery Barn and so on. Unfortunately, for wider access, users still have to subscribe as premium users.

Redecor – Home Design Game

Learn design while taking on various challenges (Google Play)

Redecor offers the experience of designing a house as well as improving creative skills through the daily challenges given. It also adds to the knowledge of various interior design styles in a fun way.

Although often given certain challenges, users are still given the freedom to arrange interior ideas according to different themes every day. Due to the nature of redecorating, users are only given various interior elements according to the challenge of the day, Some paid elements make free users have limited access.

My Home Design – Luxury Interiors

Draw a dream luxury house (google play)

The My Home Design application is perfect for dreamers of luxury-style residences. Users can makeovers, redecorate, design homes according to what you previously only saw from pictures scattered on the internet.

Users will be invited to meet clients and be challenged to make housing according to the location selected in the application. There are challenges to complete in order for you to earn coins and money to get more interior elements.

As a free application, it may be quite disturbing the excitement due to sudden ads appearing.

Room Planner – Home Interiors 3D

Android application like a professional (google play)

For someone who really wants to design the house as a whole, the Room Planner app is perfect for use. Users can design everything like an architect from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, family room, and so on as desired.

There are various choices of household furniture from well-known brands that can be adjusted according to the original color. This application can be run both online and offline. But as a complex application, it takes such a large capacity of more than 600 megabytes of storage space for the first download.

Home Design 3D

Free set 2D and 3D (Google Play)

Easily accessible to everyone, Home Design 3D helps users create professional-looking designs. Users can design a house as a whole.

You are free to choose 2D or 3D formats, even this application also displays a picture of the environment filled by neighbors like housing. Users can directly save and share images to messaging applications both email and Dropbox.

For more freedom, users have to pay to get premium features and unlimited elements.

Planner 5D: Design Your Home

Don't worry about losing ideas with the help of AR Visualization (Google Play)

Planner 5D frees users to create a creative picture of their dream home. If users run out of ideas, there is an AR Room Visualization feature to inspire. Not only designing houses, users can also design additional facilities such as cafes and gyms.

While most other apps only offer setting up a house to live in, this app even gives the user the opportunity to have a dream environment. We can regulate the existence of lakes, forests, seas and so on.

For free features, users must be prepared to watch ads every time they choose elements that might be boring.

Floor Plan Creator

More real by calculating the scale of needs (google play)

Through the Floor Plan Creator, make the desired residential plan in detail and precision. Users can add furniture to the interior design that can be obtained from the shopping feature in the application.

In fact, this application will also automatically calculate the area of ​​the room, wall and area level needed if you want to apply it in real. Supports mouse and S-pen usage like a professional application. The work can also be saved in various formats such as image, PDF, DXF, SVG, or automatic printing.

Unfortunately for the best resolution and the use of more interior elements, users have to pay a premium member fee.


Magicplan invites its users to create real floor plans and not make them haphazardly. You can scan a room to create a floor plan. After that, you can plan seriously and in detail. This program can be used as a daily reporting program for the topics you create. Magicplan offers excellent project planning, reporting and calculation functions. You can create templates and save them in a variety of formats, including PDF and JPG. Magicplan offers valid 2D and 3D models. Architects and aspiring architects can use this software to complete projects and make good cost estimates. The Magicplan app is available for Android for free.


Houzz creates blueprints and models for its users. This application belongs to the category of home decoration design and layout applications. Houzz has lots of creative and unique ideas that you can use. As a user, you can use stories, ideas, photos and other things created and shared by other users related to home design. This feature allows sharing ideas and getting inspiration from other app users. The game's interior design is appreciated in a different way. This is one of the attractions of Houzz. Where you can be creative and share your designs and benefit from these products. Houze offers articles and guides about the world of architecture, home design, and even humorous content.

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